David Bentley leaves the Tottenham training ground

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Winger does thing he does every day

David Bentley

Normally, it wouldn’t be particularly newsworthy to report that David Bentley has left the Tottenham training ground – presumably he does that everyday at around this time – but Sky Sports News have just shown the winger leaving the Chigwell HQ.

Seen making a getaway in a friend’s old VW Golf (a vehicle that is not befitting of a man of Bentley’s arrogance fame), SSN speculate that Bentley could be on his way to Eastlands to seal a move to Manchester City.

While we don’t doubt the authenticity of this transfer rumour, the occasional England star may now find himself in a near-impossible race against time: the 220-mile journey to Manchester would probably take an inebriated Bentley about half an hour, but with his friend behind the wheel, the journey should take around four hours, traffic permitting.

If DB was hoping to personally seal his move before 5pm, he may be disappointed.

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