David Beckham’s SON named 26th Best Dressed Man by GQ!

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Romeo’s the mod on the right


Before we go headlong into reporting today’s big fashion story, just take a moment to digest some facts: Romeo Beckham is eight. Eight-years-old. Eight. Romeo Beckham, son of David, younger brother of the New York borough of Brooklyn. Is. Eight.

Think about it.

Remember being eight?

He does.

He’s an expert on being eight – he’s eight right now.

He presumably doesn’t have much money of his own, he’s eight, at school, his mum takes him to get his hair cut. He’s just an eight-year-old guy getting on with being eight.

He’s also the 26th best dressed MAN in the whole country, according to the gentleman’s bible, GQ – which may or may not have just completely jumped the shark.

As a way of explaining the preposterous decision to applaud an eight-year-old’s dreamy sense of style, Selfridge’s menswear director David Walker-Smith – an adult – said this (as reported in today’s Express):

“He’s experi­mental, quirky and fun. His style has ­nothing mini-me about it. It’s me-me!”

By the way – Romeo Beckham is eight.

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