David Beckham accused of cheating on Posh with Hungarian nude model

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Blonde beauty makes questionable adulterous claim


David Beckham is no stranger to accusations of adultery, and the latest unscrupulous beauty who claims to have caught his eye goes by the name Mariann Fogarassy.

The Hungarian model says she met Beckham at a money-spinning AC Milan game in Hungary last week (they played a selection of Hungarian stars in Budapest last Wednesday for no particular reason). She says Beckham has since been emailing her, and has invited her to a private party.


The Daily Star – who confusingly suggest the pair met at an Inter Milan game – have quotes from the lady herself:

“I got myself an official Milan shirt, and I went to the stadium hours before the game.

“I found an Italian TV crew, and I pretended I’d tripped over their cables.

“When they helped me, I started to tag along with them until finally I got hold of an official pass from them. And when they entered the stadium and did interviews and pictures with the stars, of course, I was there too.”

“Beckham squeezed my elbow for a moment and smiled.

“Then I put my business card into his pocket. I knew he must have felt it. And in fact an email arrived today, saying that just in case I’d be in Milan next week, I’m invited to the club’s party. Luckily, I’ll be shooting in Milan next week.”

As you read her words, it becomes clear that she is a completely mental stalker, or at the very least, a no-name model hungry for a bit of publicity. If someone was standing in your way, it’s perfectly reasonable to touch their elbow as you pass, and she doesn’t explicitly say the party invite email arrived from Beckham himself.

Unsurprisingly, Beckham’s spokesman has confirmed what she is probably a crazy person who lives alone with at least one cat:

“There is no truth in this story. There is also no party in Milan. She is a fantasist seeking publicity.”

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