Danny Mills reveals Leeds players used to play ‘the Coin Game’ during matches

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Premier League football = serious business

Danny Mills

During a radio interview last week ex-Leeds defender Danny Mills gave an interesting insight into what it was like to play for the club during those halcyon days immediately before its financial meltdown.

Apparently while fans, paying for the privilege of having their nerves frayed, were in the stands willing their team on, the players passed time giggling like schoolgirls and throwing 5p coins at each other.

Mills recalled:

When we had the likes of Jonny Woodgate and Robbie Fowler in the squad, we played the ‘Coin Game’. Someone would bring a coin on to the pitch and we’d throw it to each other – I’m talking during a Premier League game, shows how seriously we took it.

So someone would have to pick up the coin and if you didn’t pick it up you would do forfeits. There were things like drinking games and other crazy things we’d make each other do.

There was actually one game where Robbie Fowler scored a goal with the coin in his hand. If we rewound the tapes, you could see him clenching his fist because he had a 5p coin in his hand. Just ridiculous.

[spotted on Mirror Football again]

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