Danielle Lloyd vows to give up her footballer addiction

Is it the end for the Prem’s most prolific WAG?


At some point in their career, every Premier League footballer has enjoyed a love making session with Danielle Lloyd. The preposterously-boobed glamour model has made no less than six Premier League conquests public, but her attraction to young men with lots of free time and money could be over, according to an interview she gave to yesterday’s News of the World:

“I’m not in touch with any of my former footballer boyfriends. I don’t like cheats so I don’t want to keep in contact.

“Jermain did what he did to me, he cheated on me. What’s her name, Chantelle, is welcome to him.” [That’ll be Big Brother “star” and fellow nightclub lurker Chantelle Houghton – Ed.]

“I can’t let myself get hurt anymore. I’ve been burnt more than once, I’ve been burnt so many times. If it happens any more I’ll be burnt to a crisp.”

First China White closes, then Danielle Lloyd announces she is out of the game. Things are getting pretty tough for footballers in 2009 – if they stop making the Range Rover Sport, some footballers will have absolutely nothing left to spend their money on.

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