Danielle Lloyd hits back at kiss-and-tell girls

Racist WAG compares her relationship to that of a happily married couple


Just last week, I gleefully reported that Danielle Lloyd had moved out of Jermain Defoe’s Hertfordshire mansion (designed by her ex-friend Charlotte Mears, who had the foresight to install six ovens in the kitchen). Now, it appears the dream is over, as the fountain of hatred has re-gained her WAG colours by patching things up with the Spurs striker.

The split occurred amid a tabloid scandal that Defoe was having an affair with a single mum, whose GG bra he chose to wear on his head. But Dani has chosen to believe his knee-jerk cover up rational explanation, and had the following to say in yesterday’s Daily Star:

“These past few days have been hell for me. But I trust Jermain. I have to believe him when he says he has not cheated on me. I love him 100%.“I don’t know why someone would do this to us. First us, then poor Cheryl and Ashley Cole.”

Hmm, not so sure about that one Dani. You have more footballers than I’ve had hot dinners, so comparing your current tenuous relationship with the scandal surrounding a married couple is a little rich. But she continues:

“Women who sell these stories have no self res¬pect. They want to make money and be famous for saying they have slept with soccer stars. But they have no shame.”

Uh, I’m confused now. Is she doing a Britney and describing herself in the third person?

“I can tell you her claims that Jermain did naked handstands before sex and wore her bra on his head are ridiculous. My J is not like that. He wouldn’t do that sort of thing.”

No he wouldn’t cheat on you, Danielle. You had an affair with him to make him leave his fiancé – trust is your sacred bond.

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