Cristiano Ronaldo wears an elephant thong

Spurned WAG Nereida Gallardo dishes more dirt on Madrid star


Nereida Gallardo – the perma-naked Spanish beauty who helped Cristiano Ronaldo occupy his free time last summer – faced the worrying prospect of falling out of the public eye after losing her WAG status. Rather than adopting the Danielle Lloyd model of extending her moment in the sun (i.e. boffing her way through an entire team), the 26-year-old Majorcan has chosen to repeatedly cash in on her romance with the Portuguese man-o’-sex.

As a riposte to the humiliating way in which she was dumped, Nereida has continued to furnish us with personal details that are embarrassing, but not in the least bit surprising. The Mirror brings us the latest:

She says [his favourite underwear is] a pair of tight red pants with an elephant’s trunk on the front… but that they don’t quite fit him. She said:

“He puts his willy where the elephant’s face is. But he doesn’t fill its trunk. During our time togetherhe got turned on more by looking at himself in the mirror than at me.”

The Spoiler’s Photoshop skills are not proficient enough to produce a mock-up of C-Ron in an elephant thong, but we suspect it would look something like this.

Nereida also claimed she was treated “worse than a dog” by the Real Madrid star, and suggested his famous libido is no match for hers:

“I can do three or four orgasms and he fell asleep after one.”

Cristiano Ronaldo wears an elephant thong
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