Cristiano Ronaldo to become a property tycoon

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Manchester Utd star will one day be your landlord


Madeira: slightly nicer than Manchester

Those who assumed Cristiano Ronaldo spent all his money on sports cars, hair gel and hotpants had better think again – the Manchester Utd winger is sinking his riches into property.

At one point, Robbie Fowler was became the wealthiest sportsman in Britain thanks to his obsession with snapping up property, and after buying another four homes and a Portuguese hotel, it looks like C-Ron could be disgustingly rich in no time:

Portuguese idol Ron, 24 tomorrow, plans to put £8million into a hotel boasting sea views on Porto Santo, an island near his native Madeira.It is a shrewd move for the winger, who already owns a £4million mansion in Cheshire and a string of pads abroad.

He already owns a villa and a flat near Lisbon, has bought a house in Madeira for his mum and invested in boutiques for his sister.

At a time when property values are decreasing, this seems like a very sensible long-term investment. Plus, he’ll finally be able to stay at a hotel where they don’t mind him and his female guests checking in for just a few hours…

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