Cristiano Ronaldo tells Mario Balotelli to shut the hell up

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Ronaldo – with an invisible Sophie Reade?


It’s a day of temporary enlightenment when it comes to the whirring mind of Cristiano Ronaldo – considered at Real Madrid to be a rather arrogant man. Firsty, he reluctantly changes his little baby’s turd-filled nappies from time to time, admitting:

“It’s not the thing I like best in the world, but I do it.”

And secondly, he’s pretty much had it up to here with Man City’s Mario Balotelli – another gifted, yet cocksure young gentleman. In many ways, the new Cristiano Ronaldo.

“He is a good player but he has to speak less and play more.”

“In the Premier League, if he knows how to listen and wants to learn, he could become a great player. I hope he achieves that.”

“However, today he puts many other things ahead of his career and this is not good.”

The busty glamour model Sophie Reade would be inclined to agree.

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