Cristiano Ronaldo puts up a bankrobber in his house

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(he didn’t know, mind…)

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If it’s possible for a good-looking, impossibly rich, brilliant footballer to have a rubbish week, then Cristiano Ronaldo has definitely just had one.

After getting knocked out of the Champions League by Barcelona and then getting all ranty about it, the Superman-haired superstar had to deal with a house he owns being raided by armed police because (to the tune of  ‘Bankrobber’ by The Clash) Ronnie’s tenant’s a bankrobber…

Ronaldo bought the house just outside Lisbon a couple of years ago while he was at Man Utd. He’s been renting it out to Ricardo Alves who, it turns out, is suspected of several carjackings and thought to be a member of a gang that stole around €1million from cash machines.

Ronaldo definitely didn’t know anything about this though and only found out about it after the raid.

Unsurprisingly, a neighbour ‘never suspected a thing’ while, even less surprisingly, Mr Alves was apparently never late with the rent.

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