Cristiano Ronaldo opens a new fashion boutique in Madrid

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Winger will have somewhere to go after training next season


Last summer we were the first to tell you about CR7, the fashion boutique that Cristiano Ronaldo opened in Madeira and gave to his sister Elma. Since then, the Manchester Utd star has opened another CR7 in Lisbon, and the Spanish press are today getting their knickers in a twist over the location of the next store: Madrid.

The front page of sports paper Marca says he is to bring his fabulous fashion sense to the Spanish capital, and that this is yet another indication of his strong desire to play for Real madrid next season.

Marca also suggests that the store may be named ‘CR9′, as the only way he could wear a number seven shirt at Real would be if he pried it from Raul’s cold, dead hands. It just so happens that he has also trademarked the CR9 name.

While C-Ron has made little attempt to disguise his desire to play in La Liga, The Spoiler has discovered that the new store opening may not be as indicative of a summer transfer as Marca believe. According to the official CR7 site, there are plans to open stores in Paris, Milan, Madrid, London, Berlin, Prague, Tokyo and Los Angeles. (Sorry Manchester, no silver hotpants and Freddie Mercury jackets for you.)

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