Cristiano Ronaldo names his first son… Cristiano

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Like all new fathers, Cristiano Ronaldo has chosen to celebrate the arrival of his little bundle of joy by handing the thing to his sister, and heading off to America to enjoy a celebratory shopping/love making holiday with his girlfriend, Irina Shayk – who’s really good looking and an underpants model.

Anyway, whilst there, he has found time to phone his family to instruct them on how to correctly address his child. He wants to call him Cristiano – presumably as an homage to his favourite international footballer. Or so that they don’t forget him when he’s on holiday.

His sister, Katia, said this on the matter (as reported in The Guardian):

“We are looking after him while Cristiano is away.”

“He’s called Cristiano just like his dad.”

“Cristiano chose the name but we like it.”


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