Cristiano Ronaldo mocked by team-mates for excessive sweating

Manchester Utd stars rib C-Ron for streaming armpits


Among Cristiano Ronaldo’s exceptional talents is the ability to sweat through a jacket – only comedian Lee Evans can boast a more powerful level of perspiration.Rather than being praised for this unusual gift, however, the preened  Portuguese has been ribbed by teammates:

Team-mates filled his training room locker with cans of deodorant and aftershave when the Manchester United ace was pictured by the Mirror sweating through a jacket on a night out.Ex-United striker Brian McClair, now its youth academy director revealed: “As he is never one for getting to training early, he found this picture copied all over the dressing-room. When he opened his locker, all the deodorants and perfumes fell out. He was not amused!”

One would have thought Ronaldo would be pleased to receive some much-needed deodorant, but presumably he was angry because his team-mates made room for the spray in his locker by throwing away his hair products, tiny shorts, chest wax and prostitute directory.

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