Cristiano Ronaldo loses out on the property market

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Real Madrid star is selling his home at the wrong time


In 2008, Cristiano Ronaldo paid £3.8m for the seven-bedroom mansion in Alderly Edge that his new neighbours deemed “offensive, brutal and insensitive“.

Soon after moving in, the tricky winger invested £300,000 on a pool, gym and ‘gadgets’ (read: ‘a sex dungeon’) for his opulent pre-fab home.

The financial nuclear winter doesn’t seem to have affected his freespending employers, but it has depreciated the value of the Cheshire crib, as it is now valued at just £3.5m. The Spoiler’s maths correspondent informs us that this represents a loss of £600,000.

It could take anything up to three weeks for Ronaldo to make back that kind of deficit.

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