Cristiano Ronaldo “less likely” to move to Real Madrid

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Los Blancos may look elsewhere for transfer targets

Cristiano Ronaldo

Following last summer’s epically botched transfer saga and subsequent whispers of a verbal agreement, it is generally accepted that Cristiano Ronaldo will become a Real Madrid player next season. The folks at Marca, however, have thrown the nailed-on move into doubt, by claiming the Spanish giants have set their sights elsewhere.

According to today’s edition of the Spanish sport daily, Madrid have been deterred by C-Ron’s astronomic price, and were also distinctly unimpressed by his petulant substitution hissy fit at the weekend.

Marca say Florentino Perez’s Madrid will definitely land Kaka, and two other star players. They don’t rule out the Ronaldo transfer, but say it is more likely that Los Blancos will go for Franck Ribery (who is strongly recommended by fellow countryman Zinedine Zidane) and David Villa (who will “lead the Spanishisation” of the club).

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