Cristiano Ronaldo is still a fan of Manchester Utd

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Real Madrid star still looks out for previous employer

Cristiano Ronaldo is still a fan of Manchester Utd

Despite creating the impression that he couldn’t wait to get away from smelly rainy Manchester, Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted that he stilllooks out for the results of his old team now he is based in equally-smelly-but-less-rainy Madrid. The Mirror quotes:

“Every time I can I try to watch United’s games on television.

“I still like to know what’s happening at Old Trafford. And despite now being at Real, I’m always happy when I know when United have won.”

C-Ron also took the opportunity to wax lyrical about Nani, who he believes is destined to become one of the “best players in the world”:

“I’ve also seen that Nani is playing much more than he was last season when I was there. That’s good for him and he will benefit from that.

“Now he has more opportunities to play, he will be able to show the fans just how a great player he is.

“We still speak regularly on the phone. And it’s good to see United’s fans are starting to appreciate him more and have been happy with his form up until now.

“Nani is an excellent player. There’s a lot more to come from him and I’m sure that in a few years he will be amongst the best players in the world.”

We’re not convinced Nani will blossom into one of the world’s best players, but it’s good to see that C-Ron still makes time to call his Portuguese teammate, who no longer has anyone to help him blow out the candles.

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