Cristiano Ronaldo has broken up with Nereida Gallardo

Europe’s red light districts gear up for another busy period


Good news ladies of the night – Portuguese man-o’-sex Cristiano Ronaldo is back on the market and ready to help put your children through higher education!

According to Portuguese tabloid 24 Horas, the tricky winger became fed up of reading about Nereida Gallardo’s lurid sexual past, and their relationship was met with disapproval by his mum Dolores, who believed the failed Majorcan model had more interest in C-Ron’s bank balance than his heart.

So what was the straw that broke the modern slave’s back? Was it the news that Nereida had slept with potential new teammate Sergio Ramos? Was it her classy modelling past? Or was it simply the fact that she isn’t particularly good looking?

Either way, it was fun, Nereida. We at The Spoiler will sincerely miss you and your silicone charms.

[Muchos love to Kickette for the tip]

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