Cristiano Ronaldo exacts revenge on Sergio Ramos

Bitter rivalry channelled via the medium of hideous shorts


Recently, Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos has been hell-bent on making a chump out of Cristiano Ronaldo. Not only did he boff C-Ron’s pneumatic lovely Nereida Gallardo, but he attempted to completely crush his humungous ego by outdoing him in the swimwear fashion stakes.

Thankfully, Ronaldo’s ego is tenacious, and he found the resolve to recover some pride while shopping in Los Angeles yesterday. How does one respond to Sergio’s shiny gold shorts, you ask? With shorts that are even smaller and shiner, of course!

The tricky winger, whose skin tone has transformed from a light beech to a rich mahogany this summer, will make preened football stars around the globe rethink their look with his fierce hotpants and pink T-shirt combo.

It’s your move, Sergio…

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