Cristiano Ronaldo believes Oasis are a better band than The Beatles

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Portuguese star loves Manchester City’s most famous fans


Much like Cristiano Ronaldo, Noel and Liam Gallagher aren’t famed for their modesty. Yet the swaggering Oasis stars would happily admit that their band is immensely inferior to their biggest influence and primary source of material, The Beatles.

The Real Madrid winger and pop aficionado, however, believes the Manchester band are actually better than the Fab Four:

“Liverpool have The Beatles and Manchester have Oasis. I think we (Manchester) have the better band.

“I have all the Oasis albums [Even Standing on the Shoulder of Giants? Seriously? – Ed.] but my favourite track by far is Champagne Supernova. It’s an absolute classic.

“One thing I will miss about Manchester is Oasis.

“I will be honest, I didn’t even know who they were when I first arrived in Manchester, but you can’t live there long without knowing who they are.

“The lads in the dressing room loved them, especially the English boys.

“When I came to England I was into my techno, but I think Oasis are one of my favourite bands now.”

The Spoiler is a big Oasis fan, but to suggest they are better than The Beatles is a bit like saying a light bulb is better than the sun, or that an MK Dons supporter is better than a fan of a proper team that wasn’t unlawfully pillaged from elsewhere. Perhaps the tricky winger – who has already proved his exceptional taste in music – is merely trying to wind up Merseyside.

Such is his love of the Brit rockers, Ronaldo even proposed that they perform for him after El Clásico:

“I saw [the Gallaghers] around town a couple of times but never spoke to them. They didn’t look that approachable but sometimes these artistic types are like that.

“I am sure they are very nice. I know they are touring at the moment but I have not been able to catch them.

“Perhaps I could invite them to a Madrid v Barcelona match and they could put on a little private concert in Madrid?”

Ah, the Gallaghers would avoid you because they are “artistic types”, Cristiano? It has nothing to do with your unspeakable arrogance and six years with Manchester Utd? Frankly, you’ve got a better chance of buying a flying unicorn in John Lewis than having Oasis turn up in Spain to perform a gig solely for your amusement.

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