Cristiano Ronaldo and his Bentley receive some hatred

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Liverpool fans and gobby tramps give C-Ron a rough ride


The video above, spotted by the handsome devils at Dirty Tackle, shows Cristiano Ronaldo returning home from the Liverpool game in his Bentley Continental GT. The tricky winger was obviously in need of some time to contemplate who he would have sex with that night the heavy defeat, but instead received some rather sweary insults from some travelling Liverpool fans.

As if this incident wasn’t traumatic enough, the Portuguese star received more abuse yesterday while out and about in his sexy motor. According to The Sun, the millionaire footballer ignored a Big Issue seller while hopping into his £150,000 car. Said vagrant obviously believed it was his god given right to receive money from Ronaldo, and acted accordingly:

The vendor swore at the Man United star, 24 – challenging him to get out and fight.

A witness in Manchester city centre said: “He gobbed all over the windscreen. Ronaldo was obviously seething.

“He had a face like thunder as he drove off.”

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