Clothes removal industry cashes in on the World Cup

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You’ve heard of the World Cup – but the World Cup Strip?

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The canny businessman knows that the World Cup presents a universe of opportunity to boost your enterprise. It’s simple really, just preface anything with “World Cup”, and you’re away.

You can sell “World Cup” Walker’s Crisps, “World Cup” t-shirts, a special “World Cup” edition of Call of Duty. At some stage, even The Spoiler will no doubt get all “World Cup” about it.

And yet, whilst the giants of industry battle to siphon off some extra pocket money during the World Cup feeding frenzy, a little bit further down the ladder, once the official World Cup merchandise has been rinsed to kingdom come, you get to the rather more tawdry/exhilarating unofficial stuff. Such as World Cup strippers!

Indeed, The Spoiler inbox has been busily flashing this morning with messages from a gentleman’s website called, who have put together the below one minute teaser. The premise appears to be simple enough – girls from a handful of World Cup nations slowly/awkwardly reveal their bosoms in the kitchen/bathroom. Enterprising work.

Do you know of anyone else cashing in on the World Cup with an intriguing product? Let us know with a comment.

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