Clive Tyldesley reckons Match of the Day is doing just fine

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Commentator defends recent criticism



First off, Clive Tyldesley has a blog! The Spoiler assumes it’s been kept quiet so as to avoid the Internet being brought to its knees by a tide of abuse. Anyway, in his latest post, Red Clive has lent his support to Match of the Dayafter its recent bollocking from Stan Collymore.

“Don’t fix what aint broken,” says Clive. Except to say, rather than extending the minutes given to match analysis, he reckons extra time should be spent on match highlights. To be fair, with Alan Shearer and Mark Lawrenson providing the insight, we can’t argue with that.

The Spoiler thinks there’s also a subtle shot at Andy Gray’s psychedelic Monday Night Football show, indirectly described as ‘emperors’ new clothes’.

Unsurprisingly, Tyldesley doesn’t manage to finish the piece without jamming in a Clive-ism:

We can argue all we like as to why many more viewers watch the World Cup final on BBC than ITV, and many more watch the Champions League final on ITV than Sky.

Erm, possibly because A) ITV’s World Cup coverage is, in a word, rubbish; and B) a fraction of the population subscribe to Sky Sports while everyone with a working telly gets ITV?

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