Claude Makelele’s woman experiments with comedy

Oh my God, what is she LIKE?


Don’t believe everything political satirists tell you, props are still hilarious. Nothing, literally nothing, is more fist-clenchingly funny than watching a man in a massive multi-coloured wig putting on some of those brilliant glasses where the eyeballs fall out on springs. It’s comedy gold.

As is the above image of Claude Makelele’s delicious wife, Noemie Lenoir, pretending not to be beautiful by popping in some pretend teeth that look all rotten. Claude must have been horrified… until she took them out! Then he probably rolled around of the floor laughing at the sheer bloody hilarity of it all.

Side-splittingly funny, that girl.

After the break, watch her being less ingenious and laugh-inducing, but more steamy…


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