Claude Makelele confirms what we all suspected about Jose Mourinho

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Et tu?

Claude Makelele

Footballers autobiographies are (we’re told, The Spoiler has never read one) pretty rubbish. You’re better off saving your money and reading the extracts in the back of The Sun – at least you get some pictures of stunna t*ts thrown in as well.

Claude Makelele’s autobiography will probably be no different , so we’ve brought you the best couple of sentences, courtesy of Spanish paper Sport. Maka has this to say this about Jose Mourinho:

“We used to get drunk together but suddenly he stopped paying attention to us and he only cared for new stars. He knows how to use us and how to motivate us, the problem is when he wants to put you below. In that respect he can be calculating, cruel and ambitious.”

So there. You can send the £9.99 you’ve saved to The Spoiler if you want…

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