Christian Vieri launches his own brand of condoms

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David Beckham isn’t the only football prophylactic peddler


Throughout his career, Christian Vieri may have put away plenty of goals, but he put away even more fabulously attractive women. The romancer of Melissa Satta, Elena Santarelli, Elisabetta Canalis, Debora Salvalaggio and Fernanda Lessa has now formally recognised his ladykilling skills by releasing his own brand of condoms.

Bobo and 408-year-old Milan legend Paolo Maldini started the fashion line Sweet Years a few years ago (not to be confused with the Baci e Abbracci label Vieri runs with Buffon’s missus Alena Seredova), and the Akuel Blues Sweet Years Limited Edition johnnies were revealed during a press conference this week.

The new condom brand has got off to a hugely successful start thanks to a bulk order from a Cheshire resident named ‘C. Ronaldo’.

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