Chinese keeper Wang Dalei savages fans in internet post

‘Big Thunder’ sends expletive-laden message to supporters


Chinese international goalkeeper Wang Dalei (or ‘Big Thunder’) has been suspended indefinitely by the Chinese FA after laying into the country’s fans following a 3-0 whooping by Japan in an Asian Games group match on Monday.

The 21-year-old has been told to “meditate on his action”, having used his huge goalkeeper hands to furiously smash out a string of insults in an ill-advised internet post after the game, calling fans who criticized his performance ‘a bunch of dogs’ and ‘morons’:

It would be flattery to call you fans. You bunch of morons are the main reason why Chinese football can’t make progress. You throw in stones after a man has fallen into a well.

I heard there’s more than 7,000 football journalists in China, and I estimate at least 4,000 of them hate football. Is that really necessary? When opponents score, I’m a moron. When I make a save, I’m still a moron … I’m not Spiderman.

I was beaten on the pitch and verbally abused off it. Don’t say you know how to play football, because you know nothing about it. Go home and count how many pieces of leather a football has. Hit a man when he’s down, that’s what you bastards are doing. That’s why Chinese soccer is in a mess.

I don’t give a shit what other people say, that’s who I am.

Well I never.

Dalei has since been suspended for ‘tarnishing the image of a national soccer team player’ and more hilariously, ‘hurting the feelings of Chinese soccer fans.’

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