Chichester City fire manager Mark Poulton by mobile phone, halfway through match

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Not great timing


Obscure non-league side Chichester City have hit the big time by making it into pages of today’s Sun – albeit for firing their manager Mark Poulton while he was halfway through a Charity Cup tie.

Poulton was 2-1 up and strolling against rivals Redhill when he received a call from the club’s boardroom suits telling him to collect his P45. To make matters worse, the man chosen to take over his £200p/w role is his predecessor, Adie Girdler. Poulton blubbed to reporters:

I must be the first manager in football history to receive a call during a game to say that he had been fired. I couldn’t believe it. The club are a complete mess and a shambles – I’m better off out of it.

There are people there who aren’t interested in the good of the club, only in waging their own personal wars.

We were leading when I got the call and I suppose I should have walked away then. But I would never walk away from my players and so I stayed until the end the game, which we lost 4-2.

Erm, losing 4-2 after being 2-1 up? We’re getting a clearer picture of why you might have got the boot here, Mark.

When I went back into the dressing room after the game I told the lads what had happened and they couldn’t believe it. The majority said there was no way they would continue playing for the club.

It’s the most unprofessional and shambolic organisation I’ve ever been involved with.

It’s a disgrace really. You’d never see such rank amateurism among the gentleman rulers of top flight football… oh.

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