Chelsea rumoured to be ridding themselves of JT

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Honeymoon’s over, so they say


Once again, The Spoiler has received some very interesting information from the various squirrels that roam the country, listening in on football boardroom meetings, spending their evenings alone in bars drinking to forget, before getting free sex from a sympathetic prostitute.

Anyway, today’s whopper is this: Chelsea honchos want rid of John Terry, and will flog him to the highest bidder.

The whisper on the grapevine is that, not unlike Capello, Roman Abramovich has grown rather tired of JT’s bloated sense of self-importance, and curious habit of sticking his nose into other people’s business (or girlfriends), so will now listen to offers for Mr Chelsea.

The boardroom were apparently hoping that their skipper would shower himself in glory during the World Cup to boost his worth, but aside from the time that he lurched around in the box like a man desperately attempting to exit a sleeping bag, it didn’t quite happen.

Of course, rubbish World Cup or not, nothing seems capable of preventing the robed men from Man City splattering money around when there’s talk of a “marquee signing”.

Or might a certain Senor Mourinho suddenly appear from the shadows, promising small plates of garlic prawns, and free membership to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Tuesday night sex entourage?

Chelsea fans, you have been warned.

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