Chelsea return 5,000 Champions League tickets

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Blues fans not keen on witnessing the biggest game in their history

Thinking of trotting off to the Luzhniki Stadium next week for the Champions league final? You may want to give it a few days, as the ticket prices are likely to tumble right down to face value.

Spoiler informant bought tickets for the final through official UEFA channels before the semi-finals were decided. As a Liverpool fan, said informant no longer wanted to trek all the way behind the Iron Curtain, so yesterday he rang a ticket agency to try to sell the tickets on. He was told that he would only get face value (around £100) for them, as Chelsea had returned 5,000 ticketson Monday morning and demand was pretty low.

I rang a few ticket agencies this morning, and the best offer I could get was £650 per ticket (a lot cheaper than the £6,000 being quoted recently).

Obviously, the greedy touts denied any knowledge of supply exceeding demand when I made my enquiries, but give it a few days and the panicked sellers will be offloading them for something a lot closer to the price of a hot dog at Wembley.

It’s almost unthinkable to imagine a team being unable to sell their entire Champions League final ticket allocation, but due to the reticence of the Stamford Bridge faithful and the negative press surrounding travel arrangements, this embarrassing prospect is quite realistic.

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