Chelsea players reckon Carlo Ancelotti will quit in May

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If he isn’t booted first…


The atmosphere appears increasingly grim down at Stamford Bridge, with the Sun reporting this morning that most of Chelsea’s players have accepted Carlo Ancelotti will be out the door sometime between now and the end of the season.

According to the Sun’s Neil Custis – wait, come back! – much of the unrest around the club is not down to Ancelotti himself, but the Blues’ French-speaking players, which would include Ivorians Drogba and Kalou, who have apparently turned on the rest of the team for not putting in enough effort during recent performances.

‘One insider revealed’:

The atmosphere isn’t good at the moment. Everyone is convinced Carlo has had enough, though absolutely everyone is desperate for him to stay.

He’s very, very popular with the players, who believe that he is an excellent manager. But there’s no doubt the squad itself is unsettled and cliques are starting to form.

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