Chelsea make £35m bid for Torres. Or was it was £40m? Or £60m?

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Chelsea have attempted to show they can still mix it with the big boys in the playground by making a never-to-be-accepted bid for Fernando Torres. The ladies and gents of the British press have gone absolutely MENTAL about this – despite Liverpool spending the summer fending off Chelsea’s amorous advances towards the pretty Spaniard.The papers agree a bid has been placed (mainly because Liverpool confirmed it), but the amount speculated as being offered varies ever-so-slightly depending on what bit of chip wrapping you read this morning…The Communists at the Guardian are the most conservative (with a small ‘c’) and reckon the Blues have put in a bid of around £35 million, as do The Times and their bloody pay wall.The Sun have rounded up to £40 million, while The Daily Express – remember them? Sort of? Had that little cartoon guy on the advert? – anyway, they can’t even be arsed to put a figure on it and simply call it a ‘mind-boggling’ amount.But The Daily Mirror have gone and done ‘em all. They’ve taken the amount everyone else seems to think and (almost) DOUBLED IT!The probable future ghost writer of John Terry’s future autobiography which will be called something like ‘Lion Heart’, Oliver Holt, reckons Chelsea have seen Torres’ buy-out clause of £50 million and thought ‘f*** it, shall we just call it £60 million?’Anyway, Liverpool said ‘no’, Chelsea will probably come back with a better offer, Torres will commit his future to Liverpool and then The Spoiler reckons he’ll… STAY AT LIVERPOOL FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER SEASON!What are your thoughts on this? Are Chelsea just trying to show off? Could he go? Let us know what you think with a little comment…

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