Chelsea haven’t progressed much, says Mourinho

“A ball… which I invented.”


Sure as eggs is/are eggs, someone with a big head will always lay claim to having pioneered a football movement. Dozens of ex-players no doubt regale their old people’s home pals with tales of how they were the first ever to perform a “header” – possibly by tripping up in the box, and inadvertently poking the ball into the net with their nose.

Others will demand respect for inventing “banana kicks”, “lobs”, “nutmegs”. Or, in the case of Jose Mourinho, “Chelsea’s warming up techniques.”

As reported in today’s Daily Star, the ex-Chelsea man paid Stamford Bridge a visit in December, and was surprised by how much of his own legacy still exists on the pitch. He said this:

“The last time I was there I was watching all the details with attention.”

“Even the warm-up is the warm-up they did in our time.”

“The way they defend set pieces is exactly the same. The position they have on set pieces is exactly the same.”

“Sometimes they play a 4-4-2 diamond, sometimes they play 4-3-3, which are exactly the systems we worked when there.”

He went on to explain a few facts about Chelsea’s upcoming Champions League clashes against his Inter team:

“It’s a team without secrets for me. But I think I’m a coach without secrets for them.”

“It will be easy for me, but I think also easy for them. I know them, but they know me. I know the way they play, the way they think.”

“But at the same time they know the way I coach, the way I prepare teams.”

Alright, alright, we get it – you used to manage Chelsea. Jeez.

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