Chelsea and Man City use mind games to tempt Torres

Dream partnership?


There will, of course, be much speculation over the summer as to where Fernando Torres might end up, and at the moment, the choices seem to be forking out in four directions. One option would be to stay at Liverpool, which isn’t totally out of the question. But a hunch suggests that he’ll be off.

If it’s true that Barcelona are keen to rid of Ibrahimovic, he could go there. But the current front runners appear to be the robed gentlemen of Man City, or the gazillionaire from Russia who pulls the strings at Chelsea. As reported in today’s Daily Mirror and Daily Mail, both factions have been playing tricks of the mind to seduce their man.

In the case of Chelsea, star player Dider Drogba has been overheard dangling verbal carrots – and, by the way, what a front pair those two would make! He said this:

“I have heard the talk about Torres maybe coming in and I would welcome it, of course.”

“Every time there is a new player coming here it’s making the club bigger and giving us a lot of strength.”

“If there is a chance for him to come he will be welcome because any help is welcome!”

Whilst over in Manchester, where the skies look like wonderful charcoal, Roberto Mancini has been working on finding a silver lining for his depressing season, with which to woo the Spaniard:

“I always preferred to win with a club that hasn’t won for many years.”

“When you choose a club where you are trying to change the history, it is good for a player and manager.”

Clever. Very clever.

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