Was the Champions League draw fixed?

Quarter-final ties correctly predicted 90 minutes before the draw



I’m not usually one for crazy conspiracy theories, but this one looks relatively credible. At 10.28 this morning, someone posted a thread on the Liverpool Echo forum correctly predicting the Champions League quarter-final ties. No bookies were taking bets on the ties all morning either, suggesting some sort of shenanigans were going down:

Rumour going around draw has been leaked….. this is no doubt rubbish but if Rumour is true it’s LFC – arsenal and Chelsea – fenerbache and manure v roma
No bookies will take bets on the draw either…….
Let the draw commence. Comeeee on!

If my maths are correct (which they probably aren’t), there’s a 1 in 64 chance of this chap correctly predicting the ties, and it’s mighty suspicious that the bookmakers would stop taking bets so early. Then again, I watched the boring draw myself and didn’t see any funny business, so could there really be an evil eastern betting syndicates pulling the strings here? Is Elvis still alive? Did we really land on the moon? Is Paul Daniels the most evil creature on the planet? Etc…

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