Carlos Tevez uses Coronation Street to learn English

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Welcome to Manchester, I say welcome to Manchester…

According to The Sun, Carlos Tevez has taken a leaf out of Dimitar Berbatov’s book and is using TV to finally learn English. But whereas Berbs took linguistic cues (and style advice) from Al Pacino and co. in The Godfather, Tevez has chosen to study at the feet of resident shemale, Hayley Cropper, star of ITV soap Coronation Street.

The Argentinean striker was convinced to take up English lessons by Man City team-mate and compatriot Pablo Zabaleta:

I have told Carlos he needs to come to me for lessons. It is important to learn because we need to speak with team-mates and managers and everyone. Plus we are living in England for the future.

It seems Tevez, who currently has whatever nonsense Mark Hughes spouts in the dressing room translated into Spanish on-the-fly, ignored Zabaleta’s offer of help and went his own way, choosing Corrie as his textbook. Speaking to Football Punk magazine, the 25-year-old said:

I like it. I don’t understand some things because of the language but it seems very good.

The Spoiler is confident the moment Carlos does understand all of what’s being said on the Manchester-based show, he’ll never watch it again, ever.

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