Carlos Tevez believes he could win the X Factor

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Manchester City star bigs up his Latin band


When he isn’t on the football field, hanging with his best pal ‘Ji‘ or making crazy adverts like this and this, Carlos Tevez loves nothing better than jamming with Piola Vago, the band that he formed with his brother Diego and a few friends in the Buenos Aires slums.

Their Latin America-tinged hits don’t sound like the kind of thing that would go down well with a British Saturday tea time audience who would prefer to see attractive teenagers humiliate themselves, but nevertheless Carlitos believes his beat combo would go down well on The X Factor. The Sun reports:

“I think we would stand a very good chance of winning The X Factor.

“It might take the British public a while to get used to our sound but it would make a change and mix the show up. So many bands sound the same these days, a Latin American influence would be nice.

“We can’t go on the show while I’m playing football but if it is still running when I retire then we will audition.

While we can only pray that X Factor isn’t still on TV at the point when Tevez eventually retires, the Argentinean striker also delivered a thinly-veiled reference to a former manager. He’s still thinking about you, Sir Alex:

“If we got through, I would like to be in Simon Cowell’s section. He has the attributes of a top Premier League manager.”He might not play the nice guy but if he is not happy he will let you know – that’s how top managers get the best out of players.

“There would be boots flying in the dressing room, but he would get results.”