Careful Liverpool, Mourinho’s sniffing around Gerrard

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In romantic terms, Mourinho has the look of a man who would dedicate his life to landing his dream girl. Yes, he’d badger her from time to time when he was feeling sensual/drunk, but he’d also give her space to mull over the proposed union. It might take years, but he’s Jose Mourinho, he’ll get there in the end.

All of which leads completely seamlessly to Mourinho’s pursuit of Steven Gerrard. As everyone knows, he came within stroking distance of landing his man at Chelsea in 2004, and the word from the Daily Mail is that he’s going to have another bash in the summer, making the Liverpool skipper his “number one target” during Inter’s transfer window shopping spree.

Stevie G will, of course, have hit the ripe old age 30 by then, and with debts to clear, it would surely be tempting to the boardroom to cash in on one of their star players.

But should Gerrard go? Let us know with a comment.

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