Capello on pens, and bad news for Chelsea…

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Capello – understands stress


It’s important in modern football that the manager understands the mental state of his players. That he can accurately grasp factors like anxiety, terror, and shape-shifting goals.

So, the great news for England’s national footballers, is that Capello totally gets it. He said this about penalties, as reported in today’s Telegraph:

“During training, the goal is big and the keeper is small. But when you have to score a penalty to win the World Cup, the goal is little and the keeper is big. It is difficult to score under that pressure.”

He went on to suggest quite literally that he knows who he’ll be turning to in a time of national crisis and pant-wetting.

“I know who the best players are to take them, already. I know.”

So, presumably, that’ll be Johnson, Walcott, Ferdinand, Crouchie and David James. Right? Anyone? Right?

In other news, Anelka has knackered his calf, and Drog-Drog’s off to Africa soon. Cringe!

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