Capello mightn’t like his job, but he LOVES golf!

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Smile if you’re really thinking about fairways…


Literally no one on the planet actually enjoys their job. That’s why they’re associated with things like “work”, or “going to the office”, or “hiding in the toilet”, or “putting on a suit” – think about it, where else do you put on a suit? That’s right, at a loved one’s funeral.

You might as well be going to a funeral.

Anyway, the point being that it’s all about “the perks”. For the man working in a fast food restaurant, these perks tend to be free gerkins, if you’re an entertainer, it’s the drugs. If you work for The Spoiler, it’s the dress code. And if you happen to be Fabio Capello, it’s all the golf that you can eat.

As reported in today’s Mirror, contrary to much speculation, the England manager won’t be going anywhere after the World Cup, because he’s become so hooked on the successful Englishman’s number one past time that he has actually been spotted smiling during his days off.

A “source” said this:

“Fabio is a private guy and also a competitive sportsman. He played a bit of golf before he came to England, but since he has arrived it has taken over his spare time.”

“Fabio spends more hours playing, practising and talking about golf than you could imagine. The fact he is good at the game also keeps him happy.”

So happy, they say, that he’s definitely going to stay in his current job for the next two years.

Until his contract runs out.

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