Californian cheerleaders fly 11,000 miles to watch Oldham play Millwall

LA ladies spaff £9,000 to see The Latics get beaten


*Actual cheerleaders involved in this story were not this hot or drunk

After getting chatted up by meeting some Oldham Athletic players while on holiday in the Cayman Islands this summer, Californian cheerleaders Sara Mathew and Amber Allen were inspired to see the Latics play.

After slaying the dragon named common sense, the 23-year-olds decided to Fly 11,000 miles from the glamorous surroundings of Beverly Hills to the slightly-less-glamorous surroundings of Greater Manchester. They made a pilgrimage to a rain-sodden Boundary Park before heading down to Bermondsey, with tickets to see last month’s League One clash with Millwall.

Oldham lost the match 2-0, but the girls were clearly undeterred by the result and the £9,000 price tag. Sara said:

“Being welcomed into the community of Oldham fans was like being part of a family we’ve never had.”

The girls are planning to return in December, and as a thank you to their impressive commitment. Oldham have promised to “roll out the red carpet” upon their return.

[Spotted in The Sun, who thoughtfully included a diagram showing the distance between America and England]