Bridge is just a bottler, say John Terry’s pals

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Ahhh, such happy times!

Bridge is just a bottler, say John Terry’s pals

Like a big pendulum, most likely shaped like a putrid live footballer’s testicle, attention has now swung from the Cole saga – what will Cheryl do about that unfortunate neck tattoo? – and back into the Bridge/Terry axis of malcontent.

The situation is far from resolved, with both parties still reportedly (according to today’s Daily Mail and Guardian) angry, but for different reasons.

In Bridge’s case, he’s upset because Terry hasn’t actually said “sorry” for secretly impregnating the mother of his child, then forking out for an abortion. Instead, the former England skipper has released a series of self-obsessed soundbites about how determined he is to get his old job back.

It has been a startling display of remorselessness from Terry, one which paints a picture of a dressing room bully – or, in more day-to-day terms, the kind of abhorrent pub idiot who says things like “any hole’s a goal”, or uses terms like “cock blocking” and actually means it.

JT, it’s now safe to assume, is not a very nice chap.

A hunch confirmed in today’s Guardian, in which “friends” of the Chelsea man declare that Bridge has long since been regarded as “a bottler”, not cut out for the media glare of football. Or, again in more day-to-day terms, a shy person, who doesn’t deal very well with confrontation.

Apparently, Camp Terry – which, by the way, rather lacks human empathy – is cross because Bridge’s England resignation looks likely to win sympathy with the general public.

The consensus being that the unfortunate cuckold should man up and put the whole torrid affair behind him.

Certainly, Fabio Capello seems convinced that Bridge will come around in time:

“We have time, there is still three months until I will decide my final squad for South Africa. I hope that Wayne Bridge will be with us at the World Cup but I respect his decision.”

Much, of course, will be made of the weekend’s handshake situation when the pair meet at Stamford Bridge – a scenario which, on current form, is likely to find Terry somehow painting himself as the “bigger man”. In his own head, at least.

This one is far from resolved.

Suggestions please.

Perhaps someone should sleep with Terry’s “baby mama”?

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