Brazilian sex workers start World Cup clothing range

Prostitutes catch a dose… of World Cup fever!


Apart from being an entertainment spectacle, the World Cup is a tribute to football as an inclusive sport – it brings everyone together. As is currently being proved in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that also includes prostitutes (a group used to having fun with strangers.)

Sex workers organisation DASPU (”Das Putas” = “The Hookers” in Portuguese) are cashing in on the country’s football delirum by selling their own t-shirt designs with messages of support for Brazil’s World Cup squad.

For $17 a pop, you can pick up a green and gold top with one of a number of dirty double entendres emblazoned on it, including “Eu jogo pelada” (meaning both “I play football” and “I play naked”) and “Put it in [the net], Selecao!”. Of course, there’s only one option available for number printing – 69.

According to 56 (fifty-six)-year-old hooker Gerenilza Marinho, the shirts are a tidy little earner:

[One shirt sale makes] half of what I get for turning a trick in the Rio suburb where I work.

Erm, indeed. Proceeds from the sales are going to the charity arm of DASPU, which fights against the discrimination of sex workers in Brazil and offers ‘alternative revenue’ for the less in-demand prostitute reaching retirement age. No, really.

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