Brazil holds a WAG competition!

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South Americans pioneer the televised WAG-off

Musa do Brasileiro

In the UK, prime-time reality TV contests are based around bad karaoke, public humiliation and enormous wealth generation for Simon Cowell . In Brazil, however, things are a helluva lot sexier. Website Globoesporte launched the Musa do Brasileiro competition back in May, which whittled down thousands of ridiculously good looking girls to a final twenty, each of whom now represent a different team in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (Brazilian football’s top flight).

Last week, said finalists were put to the test on a TV show set to determine Brazil’s hottest lady who can pretend to like a football club, and a panel of esteemed judges including 1970 World Cup winning captain Carlos Alberto Torres assessed them in three disciplines. First came the grueling bikini contest, then the challenge of wearing a (skimpy) outfit befitting of their club, and  finally they were quizzed about their chosen side. Probably while wearing very little.

The winner will be crowned on December 6th, and to help the decision making process, each Musa has kept a blog containing steamy videos and pictures.

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