Boris Becker has a sexy new ‘friend’ half his age

Which restaurant broom cupboard will he take this model to?



You may think Gary Lineker has had a pretty decent life (thus far consisting of an enviable football career, some casual punditry on MOTD and the golf, and a zillion holidays a year with a young lingerie model), but Boris Becker is giving him a run for his well-earned money. For years he has been building a tidy financial wedge on the back of an established career in the gentleman’s racket sport, which has afforded him the opportunity to put it about like a ginger-haired Romantic poet.

According to German tabloid Bild, Becker and 24-year-old model Alessandra ‘Sandy’ Meyer-Wölden are “seeeeehr gute Freunde”, which basically means they’re doing it. Sandy is the daughter of Boris’ manager Axel Meyer-Wölden, who won’t object to the relationship as he unfortuantely passed away at the age of 56. The pair have most recently been spotted together at a Majorcan golf tournament, after which they spent time on the island of Formentera, famous for its beautiful nudist beaches.



Boris isn’t the first tennis player to have caught Sandy’s eye – she is also ‘friends’ with 30-year-old Thomas Haas.

See more pictures of Sandy modelling and being kissed by an elderly gent after the jump…


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