A bit earlier, and Scholes would have unretired himself

This man means goals, so they say

Soccer - World Cup 2002 Qualifier - Group Nine - England v Greece


Nothing stings a strategist quite like getting the timings all wrong, so Capello will have presumably spent last night repeatedly banding his head with a soft fist, barking “stupid, stupid, stupid” in Italian.

The word from the Daily Mail is that Paul Scholes probably would have reversed his international retirement and got back into bed with England had Capello not waited until the very last second to ask him out. The flame haired martial artist said this:

“It’s a big decision and I wasn’t really given enough time to think about it.”

“So I decided not to take up the offer. If they’d asked me earlier, I probably would have accepted.”

“There are players in the squad who have spent nearly two years flying all around the world helping England qualify for the World Cup, whereas I haven’t been involved for a long time. It wasn’t a case of wanting to go on holiday, it was the fact that I got the call so close to the tournament.”

“Also I didn’t want to take the place of someone who helped get England to South Africa. The idea just didn’t sit comfortably with me.”

All together now – stupido, stupido, stupido!

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