Big news from Russia – it’s really blooming COLD!

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United fans outnumber Chelsea ones

Big news from Russia

The Spoiler’s Russian correspondent reports that Moscow is absolutely bloody freezing and awash with a heavy rain, the likes of which may never be seen on these shores – a cold, hard rain that isn’t quite hail. All of a sudden, those big furry animal hats don’t look so silly, do they?

In other big Russian news, our source complains that there is no hot water in the hotel, and won’t be any until June. Cynics have been overheard speculating that it’s probably being shipped over to the Chelsea WAG’s hotel (generously laid on by Abramovich) in a big golden pipe.

Interestingly, Man United fans are so far outnumbering Chelsea fans by around ten to one on the chilly Russian streets. This means one of two things – either a. Chelsea fans are wisely pacing themselves from the comfort of their hot hotel rooms. Or b. Man United fans love their team more.

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