Big Four clubs asked to redistribute earnings to the rest of the Premier League

New Government proposal ain’t never gonna happen

Andy Burnham

The last time The Spoiler checked, we lived in a capitalist society, whereby privately-owned wealth is generated by participating in a free market. However, this apparently isn’t the case any more, as our comrades in the Government are suggesting the biggest clubs in English football share their wealth with the rest of the Premiership.

Under new proposals by Culture Secretary Andy Burnham, the billions of pounds generated by the TV appearances and Champions League campaigns of Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester Utd and Chelsea would be redistributed among the other twenty clubs:

Champions League cash, worth £15million-£40m to each qualifying clubs each season, would be shared out among the 20 clubs in England’s top division under the scheme, as would the Premier League’s £1bn TV and sponsorship revenue.

Currently, 50 per cent is distributed among all the clubs, 25 per cent is paid out according to finishing places, and 25 per cent is allotted to the number of TV appearances.

In principle, dissolving the sovereignty of the Big Four is an excellent idea, however, as the Daily Mail correctly points out, it goes against the entire motives for creating a Premier League in the first place.

If the biggest teams knew they had to had over their earnings, what motivation would they have to take financial risks that bring in new players, bigger stadiums and a better fan experience? Why would a team like Aston Villa or Everton strive to clinch a Champions League position if they knew that any financial benefits would be taken away from them? Should the likes of Fulham and Bolton benefit if a bigger club wins the Champions League, or if a bigger team makes more TV appearances?

Much like the Chewbacca Defence, it does not make sense.

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