Barcelona to reveal their version of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ tomorrow night

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This song will make fans’ “hair stand on end,” apparently


With some of the world’s greatest players, legions of loyal fans and plentiful resources, Barcelona give the impression that they have it all. There is, however, something missing in Catalonia: a rousing anthem that fans can chant in unison before matches at the Nou Camp.

During tomorrow night’s Champions League tie with Bayern Munich, the club will debut their new song, which they hope will become as iconic as Liverpool’s ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

It’s called “Barca, estic boig per tu” (”Barca, I am crazy for you”), and is based on “Boig per tu” (”Crazy for You”), a very popular Catalan song by the band Sau.

The lryics to the new song have been published by Sport, and they’re nothing short of hilarious. Check out the translation after the jump…

Barca, I am crazy for you

On the humid ground I write
Barca I am crazy for you,
I spend my days
Awaiting the match.

How much I miss you,
Be I near or far,
Happy and finished I am crazy for you.

I know very well that from this place
I can’t score any goals for you,
But in each action I see
Your light reflected.
I will cheer you on,
Happy and finished I am crazy for you.

When this match starts,
The tears will be lost
Among the magic
We will live here.

I will be trapped
Drunk with this light
Happy and finished I am crazy for you

‘Barcelonian’ and Catalan, more than a club.

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