Avram Grant attends “The Expendables” premiere

Avram – having a knowing laugh?


The debate has raged for years about whether the singer/songwriteress Alanis Morissette wrote a song completely stripped of ironic situations called Ironic either because she didn’t have any grasp of irony whatsoever, or because she was actually so knowing that she was being arch-ironic in a way which would literally blow minds all over Hackney.

And thus, exactly the same conundrum shall be debated concerning Avram Grant’s decision to attend the premiere for a movie called The Expendables.

Rather fittingly, he was joined on the red carpet by: Callum Best, Thing 2 from Atomic Kitten, a girlband called Candy Rock, him from Hollyoaks, and a vast array of women who pop their breasts out to pay the rent.

Here’s a trailer for the movie…