AVB’s threat to pull out of talks with Tottenham oozes petulance

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Ex-Chelsea boss confused by the concept of an interview process


The Spoiler won’t tackle the logistics of how one resigns from talks as Barney Ronay has nailed that on Twitter, but there is much to find fascinating about Andre Villas-Boas’ alleged anger at being told Tottenham were discussing their vacancy with other candidates.

Perhaps, and it’s a lingering per-ha-psss at that, Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola are entitled to tell any club that they meet to block out every other coach, yet after flopping so spectacularly in his previous role, it is ludicrous that AVB expected such treatment.

You’d think that anyone outrageous enough to demand such privileges would be asked politely to do one but a similar strategy proved bafflingly effective for the far less decorated Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool.

But whereas there was a sense that Liverpool’s owners were rewriting their recruitment process every hour, Daniel Levy has plenty of experience of hiring and firing and, as Harry Redknapp learned, doesn’t react well to perceived media manoeuvring.

The other difference between Rodgers and Villas-Boas is positional awareness. Rodgers realised that his main rival for the Liverpool gig was Roberto Martinez, so he could afford to be test his strength.

By contrast, if Spurs get bored with the idea of AVB, alternatives for their job  includes the man who turned France from comedic relief to tournament contenders, a guy who led potless Everton into the Champions League and Fabio “nine league titles in 16 seasons” Capello.

The Spoiler is grateful to the Portuguese tactician though because if he screws this opportunity up, it drastically increases the chances of our long-shot bet on Capello paying off.

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